Which Part of Wedding Planning Is the Most Stressful?

Discover which aspects of planning will have you tearing your hair out.

Which Part of Wedding Planning Is the Most Stressful?

Photo: Erin Wilson Photography

It’s well established that planning a wedding is a stressful endeavor, though it is lessened somewhat by the help of a professional planner. With so many people involved and so much pressure on the big day being absolutely perfect, it makes sense that there is a lot to worry about. While choosing your colors or which entrees to provide attendees may cause some angst, there are a few aspects of planning that rise above the rest in terms of stress levels.

what are the most stressful parts of wedding planning?

Photo by Erin Wilson Photography

Dealing with family trouble seems to cause the most tension for people. Whether or not parents are contributing to the budget, they often try to contribute their ideas. Differences in religion or expectations in formality level can cause disagreements, and not including them in the planning at all can lead to hurt feelings. In fact, family tends to influence another incredibly stressful fact of wedding planning: the guest list. Engaged couples can struggle to find room for their own friends when their parents insist that second cousins need to be invited. 

A couple of reasons why people fret over the guest list so much are two other difficult aspects of planning your nuptials: choosing a venue and staying close to your budget. With catering typically being one othe highest costs, the amount of people attending your wedding greatly affects your spending. In terms of the venue, well, you don’t want to go over capacity! Once you know who will be coming to the wedding, you often need to figure out hotel blocks and accommodations for those traveling from out of town. Coordinating stays for large groups is always complicated, but it’s worse when people don’t look at the wedding website and end up peppering you with questions while you’re busy trying to finalize the look of your centerpieces. Then, of course, comes the seating chart. Figuring out who sits where to cause the least amount of drama is a notoriously difficult task. 

Sometimes stress can be caused by simply having too many ideas! With Pinterest and so many different wedding blogs (including ours), finding inspiration has never been easier. However, that also means some brides can get overloaded with information. That’s why we advise that once you make a decision about the design of your day, stick to it and stop looking at inspirational images.

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