Why to Consider a Destination Wedding

Find out the benefits to tying the knot away from home!

Discover why you may want to host a destination wedding for your nuptials.

Photo: Sylvie Gil

Destination weddings get a bad rap, with many people considering them inconvenient and a hassle to attend – or worse, selfish. However, given that people move away from their hometowns more than in the past, and it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with friends, the odds are high that a healthy portion of guests will need to travel for a wedding no matter where it is. Therefore, the convenience doesn’t always need to be a consideration when you’re choosing the destination for your nuptials. In fact, if that’s always been your dream for your big day, there are plenty of reasons to make that choice. 

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Photo by Jose Villa Photography; Planning & Design by Posh Parties; Venue: The Breakers

- More time with guests. The majority of destination weddings have a smaller list of attendees, which allows for more one-on-one time during the celebration. Even if you still have an average amount of people making the trip, most of them will get there early to take advantage of the beautiful location. Including a fun welcome party or excursions before the big day allows for plenty of opportunities to make everyone feel appreciated. 

- An incredible backdrop. Whether you go to a tropical paradise, a stunning mountaintop, or a picturesque European village, you might not even need to bother with a ceremony structure because the vistas will already be beautiful. An outdoor reception will also not require much decoration, because nature already covered that for you. 

- Less stress. Destination weddings are always a good excuse to cut the guest list, and if you go with a full-service resort for your nuptials, most of the planning will be covered. Families won’t be arguing over which side has to travel, because everyone will!

- Easy honeymoon. Instead of rushing to make flights after your morning-after brunch, you can say goodbye to your friends and family and start your honeymoon instantly!