Your Guide to Attending a Spring Wedding

The season may not be as busy as the summer months, but you still want to be prepared.

Your Guide to Attending a Spring Wedding

Photo: Collin Pierson

spring wedding survival guide for guests

Though wedding season doesn’t kick into high gear until summertime, the arrival of spring tends to mean there are more celebrations of love on the calendar. More likely than not, you’ve spent the last several months congratulating friends on their engagements over the holidays, but now the nuptials from the previous crop of proposals have arrived. It’s a natural choice for brides and grooms: the weather starts to improve, blooming flowers reflect their blossoming love, and romance is in the air. While it’s far from the most inconvenient time for guests, there are still important aspects to keep in mind. Read our tips below to make sure you’re prepared for attending spring weddings.

- While you will want to embrace the season with florals or pastels in your ensemble, don’t forget to bring layers. Couples are likely to embrace the outdoors for spring, but cold snaps are not uncommon and the nights are often on the chillier side. Find a chic jacket or pashmina to pair with your frock.
- Pack an umbrella in case of April showers. Once the big day arrives, you should have a solid idea of whether you’ll experience rain or shine, but when traveling to an out-of-town wedding, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
- For an alfresco ceremony, you’ll want to be sure to have sunscreen and bug spray without either product adversely affecting your look at the event. Invest in a high-quality sunscreen without a greasy feel to keep yourself looking fresh, and don’t forget a perfume to cover up the scent of bug spray.
- The sun is staying out later and later, but it is still in the in-between stage where it is liable to be right in your eyes during the vow exchange. Bring some fashionable sunglasses so you’re not squinting your way through the most important part of the celebration.
- If pollen in your enemy, never forget your allergy medicine. Just make sure it’s the non-drowsy kind – you don’t want to doze off at the reception as the result of an antihistamine.
- The change in weather can wreak havoc on people’s immune systems, and traveling in order to spend time with a large group of people won’t help matters. Be sure to take your vitamin C before, after, and during the wedding weekend.

Opening photo by Brett Matthews Photography; Venue: Oheka Castle