How to Improve Your Vacation with Social Media

Use these apps to your advantage instead of just to kill time.

How to Improve Your Vacation with Social Media

Photo: Clane Gessel Photography

Social media is a big aspect of our lives nowadays, for better or for worse. Brides and grooms often have to make the decision whether to have an unplugged wedding or embrace the technology. Traveling – whether for a destination bachelorette party or wedding, your honeymoon, or just a fun vacation with your beloved – is another instance where people may want to put their phones away and enjoy the moment, while others prefer to share their joy by taking plenty of photos of the adventure. Unplugging can definitely be a great way to relax and unwind, but sometimes the planning process requires you to get online, which is where social media can actually come in handy!

using social media to plan your vacation

Photo by Clane Gessel Photography

Looking through the Instagram tags of your potential locations will help you see what real people were inspired to visit and photograph, which in turn may give you ideas for your own trip. Starting with a generic hashtag, such as “Maui” can help you narrow down what you’re drawn to by seeing the more specific hashtags and discovering which part of the island is right for you.

However, we all know the reviews we trust most are from those we know. With the new “Recommendations” feature on Facebook, that’s easier than ever. If you make a status looking for advice for hotels, restaurants, or more in a certain location, you’ll have the option to turn on the feature, which will create a larger post and map. As your friends comment with their suggestions, Facebook will pin point the ideas on the map so you can see where everything is. If you still need tips on what to do in your vacation spot, click the “Events” tab, update the location, and then click the “Discover” tab to search public events. You’ll find local festivals, outdoor concerts, free classes, and more. 

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