How to Decide Where to Register

A few tips to consider as you begin organizing your wish list.

How to Decide Where to Register

Registry Tips
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Now that you are engaged and planning your dream wedding, you might have already started thinking about certain gifts you hope to unwrap after the big day. Maybe you’re dying for a brand new stainless steel saucepan and want a few luxury items for your home. Or, maybe you just do not have enough time or money to purchase all the appliances and decorations you desire. If so, a wish list is a wonderful alternative to help you create your new home together.

There are a number of wonderful retailers that carry plenty of gorgeous and useful items that any newlywed would love. Yet, choosing the right retailer (or retailers) may prove to be challenging. If you have not yet registered anywhere or are currently having trouble finding the ideal retailer, see the following tips to guide your decision.

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Researching multiple retailers. This is the best way to ensure that the store(s) you choose carry exactly what you want or need. It’s also a good time to learn more about their respective exchange and return policies. Also, each retailer is great for different reasons. For example, Williams-Sonoma is excellent for kitchen gadgets, meanwhile Gearys is renowned for their personalized customer service. One resource to manage multiple retailers is to use We’ve had real brides share with us how much they enjoyed using the website to organize and sort through their several wish lists.

Consider websites such as Amazon. Not only will you have the freedom to explore items from a variety of brands, but you can select products that may not be carried at your desired retailer. This is an excellent alternative if you want to keep your options open and add unique, handy items to your list.

Shop in-store if you are very particular. Although online registries are quite convenient, maybe you want to see the items in person to ensure that you actually like the color, the feel, etc. Many couples shop in-store first and then organize the wish list at home, so choose what option makes you most comfortable and makes sense for your life.

Think about your guests. The purpose of any registry list is to help guide guests – who wish to purchase you a gift – purchase something you really desire. It is best to select items in a variety of price points. You can certainly register for luxury goods – those pricier items are great for group gifts or for you to purchase yourselves with gift cards.

Ask your loved ones for advice. Your friends or relatives may share their wedding registry experiences which can help you throughout the process. They might even know of retailers with excellent discounts or policies. Turn to your parents, grandparents, or recently married friends and family, as they might be the most useful tool in the entire registry process!

For more tips, learn when to start working on your registry, discover 15 popular products to add to your wish list, and be sure not to forget these commonly forgotten items.

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