When Angela Mecca attended a charity event in which her friends were playing flag football, she hadn’t anticipated that the coach – a handsome tight end for the Houston Texans – would catch her eye. “I remember the way he looked at me and how closely he listened to everything I was saying,” remembers Angela. “I will always remember his focus on me that night… he was so chivalrous.” 

The chivalry continued throughout their courtship, and three years later, the couple prepared for a magnificent wedding celebration that would include 180 of their loved ones. “I wanted to make sure Angela had everything she wanted and needed to make the wedding unforgettable,” Owen shares. The ceremony was held in a large open area of a stunning neoclassical building in the downtown district of Houston. Angela explains that they selected the space “because of its beauty, even unadorned.” The couple wanted to keep the décor clean and modern, focusing on neutral shades in white, slate, silver, and gold.  

The bride wore a strapless lace gown, her hair pulled into a classic chignon, complemented by a luxurious, lace-trimmed veil. Angela’s snowy bouquet showcased lush peonies, while bridesmaids dressed in floor-length, slate gowns carried coral peonies for a pop of color. Angela looked resplendent as she walked down the candlelit aisle on the arm of her father. “Having my dad walk me down the aisle was the important part of the day for me,” she confides. She joined her groom, who was clad in a custom navy tuxedo with a delicate white boutonniere in the lapel, at the altar. “Seeing Angela walk down the aisle is a moment frozen in time for me,” admits Owen. “She looked amazing.”

Following the service, the far end of the space that hosted the ceremony was revealed as the reception area. Round and rectangular tables were romantically decorated with candles and vases overflowing with white roses and peonies. Golden up lighting emphasized towering columns; cylindrical chandeliers were suspended from the high ceiling; and additional verdant floral arrangements dotted the room with opulence.

Though Owen had encouraged his bride to plan their big day in the fashion in which she had always dreamed, he personally stressed the importance of a delicious spread and “good stuff behind the bar.” Keeping this in mind, Angela – along with her wedding consultant – planned for some unexpected elements throughout the evening. In lieu of sparkling wine for the traditional toasts, the couple offered their guests shots of tequila garnished with cinnamon and orange slices. The ladies’ lounge also had a unique twist: a “Bubble Bar” equipped with a barmaid serving Champagne. “The girls were raving about it,” says the groom.

A delicious, buffet-style dinner was served, followed by generous slices of yellow cake with strawberry-champagne frosting. Once dinner concluded, it was time for the couple to join their friends and family on the dance floor. “We had the most amazing, energetic band,” Owen describes. Another distinctive feature of the evening was an overhead canon that showered confetti over attendees when Katy Perry’s “Firework” played. To maintain guests’ energy, late-night eats were provided: scrumptious pizza bagels and sweet s’mores.

As the celebration came to a close, the band ushered guests outside by way of a festive dancing line. Excited guests lined up, preparing to send the couple off with showers of rose petals. Meanwhile, Angela and Owen took advantage of the time alone and had a final slow dance to “At Last” by Etta James. “It was so memorable having a moment to just take in each other and the whole night,” confides the bride.

The couple agree that their day was amazing and worth the investment of time and resources. “It was perfect,” states Owen, who encourages other grooms to be supportive and present when it comes to making decisions. “It may not matter to you what kind of linens or flowers are used, but your better half will appreciate your involvement in the process,” he explains. “You’re planning a party to celebrate how awesome you are as a couple, so make sure that’s the focus through it all.”

As for their own special day, Owen shares: "I wouldn't do anything differently... it was the best celebration I've ever been to!"