Disa DiBuono and John Simpson were not high school sweethearts, though they did attend the same school. In fact, Disa’s protective older cousin told John to stay away from Disa and her twin sister. Therefore, they did not date, but rather become close friends throughout the years, even writing letters to each other while away at college. It was 12 years after first meeting that their friendship blossomed into a relationship. Naturally, it did not take John long to know that they would stand the test of time, so after around a year of dating, he took his sweetheart to their old alma mater to propose. 

A year earlier, the bride's twin sister was married in a lovely wedding hosted by their parents. So when it was time for Disa to wed, the DiBuonos also helped her prepare for the nuptials. “I let them take the reigns and appreciated every minute of it,” Disa confirms. One aspect the bride had a big hand in was the color palette. Despite being a lover of pink, she didn’t picture bright pink at her wedding. Instead, fuchsia and eggplant ruled the day, from the bridesmaid bouquets and dresses to the centerpieces and uplighting at the reception. For a modern twist, Disa embraced mixed metals and used both silver and gold throughout the celebration.

Though they were wed in a traditional Catholic ceremony, Disa and John elected to do a “first look,” something the bride highly recommends. “It was magical to spend that time in the morning on the biggest day of our life together.” As much as the alone time was appreciated, the couple also loves being around people and adored having a bigger guest list full of their many friends and family. In fact, their country-club venue had never hosted such a large wedding, nor had they built a reception tent on their grounds. With brightly colored roses and hydrangeas, as well as multiple crystal chandeliers above the dance floor, the beauty of the tent stunned attendees.

With a perfect day to start a life together with her old friend and new husband, Disa would only do one minor detail differently: “Wear wedges earlier in the evening!”