"With multicolored florals, textured fabrics, and vibrant accents, our photo shoot exemplifies traditional Indian elements blended with modern bridal trends," shares the creative team behind this inspirational wedding. South Asian nuptials are colorful celebrations, but that doesn't mean a bride or groom raised in America isn't still drawn to contemporary style. The blended look offers ideas and inspiration for both South Asian sweethearts and intercultural couples, who may want to both embrace the traditions of their heritage as well as the Western styles they grew up with. 

The ceremony space was created on the grounds of the hotel, among a grove of palm trees. "The translucency of the mandap fabric made the stage glow and the palms provided a gorgeous natural backdrop," explains the design team. "We used translucent fabric to catch the sunlight and softly feature the greenery and architecture behind the ceremony space. The ceremony décor was selected with a timeless elegance in mind."

For the reception, they chose a more traditional ballroom. Purple uplighting reflected the bright florals used in the centerpieces. "We also featured textured accents on the cake to mimic Hindu patterns, which shown beautifully on the sequin gold overlay," shares the creative team. The mandap was brought inside to serve as the backdrop to the sweetheart table, and the names of the bride and groom were projected on the wall via lighting. Illustrates the design team, "The end result was a wedding with colorful bold accents and textures found commonly in Indian ceremonies and receptions infused with contemporary American wedding trends. The juxtaposition of the two created a beautifully unique celebration."