After Darcey Barrish got engaged to Clark Collins, she soon turned to her recently married sister for advice. She was told not to sweat the small stuff, and more importantly, always remember the true purpose of all this planning: a marriage. It’s fitting, then, that the bride’s most memorable moments of her wedding day all included her new husband: the "first look," walking down the aisle towards him, and their first dance to “Everything But the Wings” by Alan Jackson.

The traditional Jewish ceremony began at 7:30 p.m., after sunset, in an opulent room with a raised aisle and crystal chandeliers. Bridesmaids and groomsmen, both in black, walked down the aisle – with one pair escorting the couple’s beloved pet dogs as well. Heads turned as Darcey entered the space with her father. The ball gown of soft tulle and lace looked straight out of a fairy tale, and the bride’s smile was infectious as her father lifted the blusher veil away from her face. Following the vow exchange, she and Clark were at last husband and wife. 

Red roses, the bride’s favorite flower, were incorporated throughout the celebration, from the bouquets, to the ceremony décor, to the centerpieces at the reception. “[I wanted an] elegant, romantic feel,” Darcey explains. Gold and crystal details were added to the ballroom to complement the regal quality of the red roses. The bride and groom contrasted the formal occasion with hints of their personalities. Clark paired his classic tuxedo with black-and-white sneakers, and though Darcey wore silver heels for the ceremony, she changed into dancing shoes – alabaster sneakers with crystal-embellished toes – after dinner. Their elaborate seven-tier wedding cake was topped with darling wooden figurines modeled after the newlyweds – along with figures of their dogs, of course.   

With the help of an exuberant live band, the revelers partied until 1AM, only taking breaks to enjoy the photo booth, which was complete with foam fingers proclaiming “team bride” and “team groom.” As the night at last came to a close, Darcey couldn’t find a single thing she would do differently, and advises future brides and grooms “to remember to stop and take in the special moments because it goes by so fast.”