While working on the set of popular weight-loss show The Biggest Loser, Lauren Vece was captivated by the program’s newest production manager, William (Will) Erb. Their first hello blossomed into months of flirting and finally a relationship after filming had ended. While on a jog a few years later, Will proposed to his sweetheart overlooking the entire San Francisco Bay Area. “It was everything that I had dreamed of since I was a teenager and I gladly accepted,” the bride remembers.

To capture Old Hollywood charm for her soirée in Downtown Los Angeles, Lauren wanted to emphasize the venue and floral arrangements. “I wanted a venue that would be able to provide a lot of the essentials [such as] tables, chairs, and food. I looked at what feels like every location in Los Angeles and Vibiana really offered every single thing that I was looking for,” she confides. With help from Flowers by Cina, the arrangements created a 1930s-style look featuring burgundy blooms mixed with white and pink blooms that complemented the sparkling crystal chandeliers and mirrored vases. In addition to the vintage-inspired ambience, the ceremony, which was officiated by the bride’s aunt and uncle, incorporated some Catholic marriage traditions in honor of her faith as well as Will’s dogs serving as two of his groomsmen. “I am so glad they got to be a part of the day,” she remembers.

Following an elegant sit-down dinner at tables cloaked in stylish linens from Luxe Linen, 200 attendees indulged in a scrumptious cake with a different flavor for each of the four tiers. They also enjoyed the personalized cheesecakes in honor of Lauren’s grandfather. “My grandfather had passed away prior to the wedding and throughout my entire life he had always made me cheesecake as a treat,” the bride muses. In spirit of the antique-inspired theme, guests took black-and-white pictures in a photo booth rented by the couple. “Going through those after the wedding was so fun! Plus, everyone looks amazing in the pictures,” Lauren says.

Reflecting on her wedding experience, Lauren shares some planning advice that her father once gave her. “In the end, the moments you spend with your family, your new husband’s family, your new husband, and your friends are the most important. Things will go wrong, they always do. But you will remember the fun and the love shared that day the most.”