Mindy and Glenn met last year in Las Vegas, but didn’t exchange names or phone numbers. As fate would have it, Glenn turned on the television the following morning to discover that the girl he met the night before was WB’s entertainment reporter, Mindy Burbano. He was smitten at once and contacted her immediately; the two have been together ever since. His incredibly romantic proposal, filmed while Mindy was reporting a segment on “Mansions of Southern California,” was a total surprise to Mindy and her television audience. Glenn purchased the $12 million estate where the proposal was filmed, and naturally, it became the spectacular site of their Tuscan-influenced wedding ceremony and reception.

The breathtakingly elegant wedding included nearly 450 guests arriving to the angelic sound of a string quartet. As the ceremony was about to begin, Soluna took the stage and sang a medley of love songs a cappella. Dr. Schuller, Jr. presided over the ceremony. Mindy and Glenn wrote their own heartfelt and touching vows expressing their love and devotion for each other. To complete the event, each guest had been given a fairy tale wand to ring when the bride and groom said their “I do’s.”

Making the event a true family affair, they included Glenn’s children in the ceremony. Charlene was one of the bridesmaids, while his eldest son, Skyler was one of the best men. Colby was a groomsman and, youngest son, Trevor was the ring bearer. Glenn’s beloved mother was honored with a single rose laid on a chair in the front row of seats.

With the sunset as the backdrop, the entire landscape was aglow with fiery hues that only enhanced the gorgeous floral arrangements and decorations. Most of the 18,000 flowers used in the ornate arrangements were flown in from around the world and included exotic calla lilies from Holland, antique hydrangea from New Zealand and Ambiance roses from France. The centerpieces, coupled with the shimmering gold and copper tapestry tablecloths and mosaic votive candle holders, created a sensual and romantic environment.

The reception featured 74 waiters, four open bars and six duplicate dinner buffets. The menu featured 13 different delectables prepared from the finest New Zealand lamb, Maryland crab, French cheese and Japanese eggplant. The spectacular cake was a five tier masterpiece of French vanilla cake layered with white and bittersweet chocolate, served with wild berry and mango coulees. Displayed on a custom wrought iron stand, the cake also featured a bounty of Champagne grapes, fresh raspberries and blackberries. Atop the cake sat a miniature version of the bench on which Glenn proposed to Mindy.

A special refreshment table decorated with broken urns nestled in wheat grass further enhanced the Tuscan decor. Vine-ripened peaches, nectarines and apricots spilled out over the grass where a delicious sangria, made with the same fruit, was served. Surrounding the bowl of fresh lemonade was an opulent display of lemons in a bed of mint. While both drinks proved very popular with guests, Dom Perignon was bountiful and flowed freely throughout the evening.

After dinner, guests were treated to a lounge replete with hand-rolled cigars and the finest liquor. However, if you were looking for the newlywed couple, they could be found greeting guests and dancing the night away; as they so often do in fairy tales. The perfect ending to a Cinderella love story.