As Nadia Spencer and Brandon McManus completed their choreographed dance to “Powerful” by Major Lazer, with the groom lifting his bride in the air, pyrotechnics went off in the corners of the light-up dance floor. It was a showstopping moment in what had already been a magical day for the couple, and it may never have happened if Brandon had not taken a chance in the Temple University dining hall almost six years prior. 

“Brandon had seen me in our cafeteria and looked me up on Facebook after he creepily scanned my college ID for my name,” laughs Nadia. It turns out her roommate was dating his best friend, which helped Brandon secure a lunch date. “When I first met him I was expecting not to like him, but I immediately did and here we are now,” the bride affirms. After college, Brandon became a professional football player in the NFL as a kicker. Just days before reporting to training camp for the Denver Broncos, where he would go on to secure a starting job; Brandon took Nadia on what seemed to be a double date to the Denver Botanic Gardens for his birthday. Or at least it seemed like it was simply a double date, but he in fact recruited their friends to be on hand in order to capture his proposal. “The scenery made for perfect post-engagement photos, which I had told him I wanted. My man did good!” exclaims Nadia. 

The couple decided on a short engagement, taking a month to bask in their own happiness before spending the next six months coordinating their destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. Nadia worked closely with the wedding planners to bring her blush and gold vision to life. “I never asked for any advice as I’m really not someone who asks for advice, I’m stubborn and would rather struggle than ask for help,” she admits. While she did find it more stressful than she anticipated, she also found it to be easier than expected – something she credits to the restrictions that come with a destination-wedding package. Self-described uncharacteristic decisiveness also helped to streamline the process. However, Nadia did receive some assistance from her partner, as Brandon took care of the various travel reservations and logistics. “That aspect of a destination wedding would have been overwhelming for me,” the bride confirms. 

Just a few weeks after Brandon played a key role in the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl victory, the soon-to-be-married couple traveled to the Dominican Republic several days in advance of their nuptials to have everything prepared and greet their guests as they started to arrive throughout the week. Instead of traditional favors, the bride and groom hosted everyone on a four-hour catamaran cruise the day before the wedding. “It was more of a party boat, serving alcohol and snacks, and allowed all of our friends and family to be together for a good time,” says Nadia. 

When the day finally arrived, the bride found herself overcome with emotion as she prepared for the processional. “The first few steps into the aisle I was still on the brink of tears I couldn’t even look up. When I finally did, I made eye contact with Brandon and my face lit up with a smile. I won’t forget that,” she muses.