“Not many men can say they went to their wife’s bat mitzvah,” Cameron Aronson shares. “Rachel [Silberman] was the prettiest girl in school and I was terrified of her at the time. It wasn’t until a decade later, after college, that I built up the confidence to ask her out.” After he spent years in law school and passed the California bar exam with Rachel’s support all along the way, Cameron knew he wanted to propose. He took her parents to lunch in order to get their blessing, which was happily given. “Rachel is a woman who knows what she wants,” Cameron affirms. “The surprise was going to the jewelry store. She designed the ring, and it was the perfect way for us to go about it.”

Desiring both the ceremony and reception to be outside, but also wanting privacy that is not always possible with hotel weddings, the couple selected a ranch not far from their Los Angeles home. With his career as an attorney keeping him busy, the groom trusted Rachel with the bulk of the wedding planning. “Cameron just wanted me to be happy!” she confirms. However, she did not have to work alone: her parents were incredibly involved in the process. “I often joked that it was their wedding and I was just the bride,” laughs Rachel. Rikki Ladenheim of Rikki Ladenheim Events was also hired as an expert event planner to make sure everything went smoothly.

The ceremony was lively, both in design and spirit, with flower girls and a handsome ring bearer leading the way for the bride. “We wanted everything very vibrant and colorful so we went with bright pink and orange,” explains the bride. A large floral structure at the altar enveloped the rainbow chuppah carried by four friends and family members. Unfortunately, the chuppah broke, so the quartet had “to stand up there the entire [ceremony]; it was ridiculous and amazing all at the same time,” remembers Cameron.

The bride and groom were well equipped to deal with the minor mishap, as they had several nontraditional aspects to their service. To reflect Rachel’s passion for her profession as a yoga teacher, her guru officiated the Jewish wedding ceremony, first burning sage over the space. Instead of carrying a bouquet, the bride held hands with her mother and father. “I got so excited to marry my soul mate I made my parents run down the aisle,” she reveals. That was the most memorable moment of the day to the newlyweds. “We still talk about it all the time,” reminisces Cameron.

“It was a bohemian wonderland!”

After recessing to the Hindu love chant “Sita Ram” the new Mr. and Mrs. Aronson were ready to celebrate through the night with their loved ones. In order to keep the party going, the bride and groom cut out nearly every traditional aspect of the reception. “We did the horah to start, but after that the only thing we stopped for were speeches. No cake cutting, no bouquet toss, just friends, family, food, and dancing,” describes Rachel. “Our first dance was with every person at our wedding,” Cameron notes with a smile. The buffet meal was followed by a “dessert oasis” complete with cake pops, ice-cream sundaes, cookies, and more.

The atmosphere was set by the vivid décor. “It was a bohemian wonderland,” gushes the bride. Every color of the rainbow was represented in some way in the reception space, from the vibrant florals and votive candles to the goblets and napkins. Muted lace linens and table runners provided balance and complemented the rustic-chic wooden tables and chairs. Even the lounge area had colorful vintage-bohemian furniture, but perhaps the biggest focal point was the fountain. The water fixture was of Spanish style, fitting with the rest of the ranch, but the design team had it overflowing with blooms: bright orange and pink roses, green hydrangeas and amaranth, as well as eucalyptus and other foliage.

As the night came to a close and the couple was left with only memories and the beautiful photos, Rachel says there is not a single thing she would change about the wedding. Cameron agrees: “I’d do it all over again tomorrow if I could.”