How Grooms Can Personalize Their Style

Go beyond the simple suit or tuxedo with insider tips!

How Grooms Can Personalize Their Style

Photo: Samuel Lippke Studios

how a groom can showcase their personal style at a wedding
When it comes to wedding-day fashion, the focus is generally focused on the bride – and oftentimes the bridesmaids. Men, however, even when they are the ones getting married, are often left out of the discussion. After all, the formality and venue seems to influence the ensemble more than a personal preference, with tuxedos common for ballroom weddings and navy or grey being the top choice for less formal celebrations. A groom may feel stifled or that he can’t properly express himself, especially if he’s not the type to dress up regularly.

There are more options in terms of suit colors nowadays, but it can still be difficult to stand out from his groomsmen. “The best way to personalize is with accessories,” advises bridal stylist Maradee Wahl of Dear Maradee. “Choose a unique boutonniere that includes a meaningful item (it doesn't have to be just flowers!), a tie and pocket square in a coordinating or contrasting print, or add a special shoe that shows his style.” A vintage lover may like to incorporate an antique pocket watch or skeleton key into his boutonniere, while a country fan might wear cowboy boots for a rustic wedding.

Although some men embrace the different looks the fashion world has to offer, we understand that there are others who are hesitant to do anything too out of the ordinary. Luckily, Maradee has tips for those fellas as well: “If the groom wants a more subtle hint, customize the suit lining with a bold print, include an embroidered message inside, or just add some sassy socks and suspenders to flash for the photos!” Fun, themed socks have the added benefit of making great gifts for the groomsmen and can reflect the interests of them all. If your future hubby met all his best pals in college, for example, the socks could be from their shared alma mater. Differing backgrounds can be highlighted as well, such as favorite sports teams or superheroes. 

By showcasing his personality through accessories, the groom will not only feel better and more comfortable in his ensemble, but he will potentially have something he can wear again – always remembering the happiest day of his life. 

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Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios; Planning & Design by Linda Howard Events