Stunning Headpieces & Hair Accessories Worn by Real Brides

View striking hair accessories worn by real brides on their big day.

Stunning Headpieces & Hair Accessories Worn by Real Brides

Photo: Carrie Rodman Photography

Saba Patel wedding hair accessory cake cutting

When looking into accessories for their big day, brides often rely on an elevated version of their day-to-day style – as well as the design of their gown – as their guide. Jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are not essential, but they can bring a regality and refinement to your look as you float down the aisle toward your beloved. All brides will have differing opinions on how much or how little “bling” is ideal for their wedding, but one piece that may be glazed over – albeit accidentally – is the headpiece or hair accessory. 

Clips and combs embellished with stunning crystals, pearls, and other gems are an opulent feature to include in your bridal ensemble. You can match particular stones to those found on your gown or other accessories, or mix and match with other coordinating gems in order to create texture in your look. These trinkets can range from miniature to grand, and their inclusion in your ‘do will surely get your guests talking about your “statement piece.”

Take a look at the below headpieces and hair accessories worn by real brides! For more inspiration, click on each photo to see more from each of these real weddings!

Romantic wedding portrait with headpiece and earrings

Photo by Steve Torres Photography; Bridal Gown from Jinza Bridal Couture

Jennifer Walker John Colaneri HGTV wedding headpiece

Photo by Carrie Rodman Photography

Flower tiara on top of bride's head with hair down curls

Photo by Justine Ungaro

Pretty flower motif hair accessory with veil

Photo by KingenSmith

Courtney Bingham gold hair accessory headpiece Nikki Sixx Motley Crue

Photo by Marc Royce Photography

White flowers in hair bridal updo veil

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

Pearl and gold headband wedding headpiece

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

Headpiece on bride's updo above bun

Photo by Renee Sprink Photography

Flower motif headpiece on bride with long hair

Photo by Hazelnut Photography

Jewel headpiece with bride robe

Photo by Jennifer Bowen Photography

Black and white photo of jeweled headpiece

Photo by Dalal Photography

Flower hair accessory with bride in braid

Photo by Jose Villa Photography

Flower print headpiece in bridal updo bun

Photo by Rad Photographer

Black and white photo of jewel headpiece in hair updo

Photo by KingenSmith

Green and white flower crown bridal headpiece

Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

Black and white photo of princess headpiece wedding

Photo by Gruber Photographers

Infinity symbol in jewel on bride with long hair

Photo by Mandy Paige Photography

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Opening photo by Kristen Weaver Photography