8 Things to Practice Before the Wedding

Rehearse these things to make sure nothing goes wrong on the big day!

Conventional wisdom says that something will always end up going wrong on your wedding day... but that doesn’t mean preparations can’t be made to limit the possible mishaps!

Photo: Chrisman Studios

Conventional wisdom says that something, big or small, will always end up going wrong on your wedding day. But that doesn’t mean preparations can’t be made to limit the possible mishaps that could occur throughout your nuptials. Obviously, diligent planning and hiring expert vendors is crucial, but there are many things you and your future spouse can do to help everything go smoothly. After all, practice makes perfect!

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Below are our suggestions regarding what you should rehearse in order to avoid having any regrets about the best day of your life. 

- Your first dance. Even if it’s not a fully choreographed routine, you’ll want to go over your first dance a few times – perhaps even take lessons. Going through the steps beforehand will help you feel more natural and comfortable once you’re dancing in front of a crowd.
- Your vows. Although you should not practice together, you and your sweetheart should read through your vows multiple times. Ask your maid of honor to watch you, or consider recording yourself on video to see how you do.
- Your beauty routine. Be sure to book a hair and makeup trial to find your perfect look and avoid any beauty disasters on the morning of your wedding.
- Getting your picture taken. Smiling and posing for the camera can be uncomfortable, which is why it’s important to get used to it. This is where an engagement shoot can really come in handy.
- Wearing your shoes. Not only do you need to wear in your shoes, but you’ll also need to grow accustomed to walking in them – particularly in a straight line down the aisle. The same goes for your bridal gown, which is likely heavier than the clothes you typically wear.
- Wearing your dress. Bustling your gown can be tricky and take some time, so it’s a good idea to get the hang of it before the big day. Though, of course, it’s more likely that your bridesmaids or mother will be the one doing the practicing here.
- The big kiss. It might seem odd, but you should decide how you want your first kiss to go. It may take a few tries to find the line between cold and inappropriate.
- The overall ceremony. And of course, it's important to practice the ceremony proceedings. That’s the purpose of a rehearsal, after all.