8 Ways to Keep Your Guest List Small

Because not everyone dreams of a huge party on their big day!

The personalization of weddings has made the idea of intimate gatherings become much more popular. After all, it’s easier to put your budget towards unique décor elements and fun surprises if you don’t have to feed well over 100 people. However, keeping the guest list low can be difficult and lead to awkward situations, especially if you and your spouse have large families.

If you find yourself struggling to keep the guest count small in order to have the intimate celebration of your dreams, the eight tips below will help you on your way. Keep in mind though, every family situation is different and what works for one couple can be a nonstarter for another. how to keep your wedding guest list small, how to have an intimate wedding
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- Don’t invite friends you haven’t spent time with in over a year. For those who live far away, keep it to those with whom you regularly keep in touch. The occasional “like” or Facebook comment doesn’t count.

- Limit your parents to a specific number of people they may invite. Setting boundaries early will prevent the guest list from spiraling out of control. 

- Keep plus ones to significant others from long relationships. If they are married, engaged, or live together, definitely include both people.

- Have an adults-only reception. Not only does this eliminate kids, but if you want a smaller group by any means necessary, parents with young children may simply choose not to attend rather than finding childcare. 

- Destination weddings have a lower attendance rate and are always a good way to reduce the amount of guests.

- Eliminate entire categories, such as co-workers or cousins (as long as you’re not close).

- If you pay for the nuptials yourself, you’ll face less pressure from both sets of parents – or at the very least, their grounds for complaining about not inviting their friends won’t be as strong.

- Elope or have a surprise wedding. This could still cause some hurt feelings, but people tend to be more forgiving in these cases.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier