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Why So Many Couples Love Having Low Centerpieces

We love towering flower arrangements, but here's why the lower varieties are so popular.

If you or your family members have your heart set on tall centerpieces, the images from the weddings below may make you question your decision. Take a look at these low centerpiece arrangements, and find out why so many couples incorporate the style into their celebrations.


10 Wedding Chair Ideas That Will Add Glamour to Your Reception

Forget fold-up chair rentals and invest in beautiful seating for your wedding guests.

The look and feel of your wedding reception can be drastically altered with one décor element: seating.


Enchanting Décor Ideas for Your Sweetheart Table

View these romantic styles to get ideas on how to decorate the sweetheart table at your reception.

To make your sweetheart table stand out – and place you both as the focal point of the reception – there are a variety of romantic design elements you can consider.


Reception Alternatives to the Bouquet and Garter Toss

If these traditions aren't for you, get ideas for other options.

If you want to break this tradition, discover some other activities that could fill this time during your wedding reception timeline.


Trend Alert: Neon Signs for Your Wedding Day

This fun addition to your décor isn't going anywhere.

While playful and fun, neon signs also provide an edgy ambience to a reception or after-party, acting as a functional way to add a bit of vibrant light to the soirée.


Who Needs to Give a Wedding Speech on the Big Day?

A guide to the schedule of reception toasts.

Find out who should traditionally be speaking and when those speeches should occur.


How to Elevate Your Cocktail Hour

Go beyond drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

Find out how to take your wedding cocktail hour from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few simple additions.


11 Design Concepts for the Bride and Groom's Reception Chairs

Chic motifs for the couple-of-honor's seats at their lively celebration.

When it comes to picking out the chairs that you and your beloved will be sitting in, you may want to keep with the same pieces you’ve used throughout the space, but why not adorn them in small ways to make them stand out?


A Celebrity Wedding Planner's Guide to Organizing Your Seating Chart

Discover helpful tips and tricks for assigning your loved ones seats at the reception.

Whether you have a wonderful wedding planner by your side, or you are planning your wedding all on your own, there is one aspect you and your fiancé undoubtedly have to work out yourself – the seating chart.


How to Create a Perfect Seating Chart for Your Wedding

Tips on how to decide who sits where during your reception.

One of the most stress-inducing aspects of wedding planning is the seating chart, due to a variety of factors.

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