Explore the Biggest Wedding Trends from the 2000s

See how many of these style elements you remember from the start of the new millennium.

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Throwback Thursday doesn’t have to just be for Instagram anymore. We here at Inside Weddings have decided to start a new series to showcase wedding trends from the past. Whether you just want to reminisce on celebrations you went to in your youth or are hoping to learn more about the styles of a certain decade in order to find vintage inspiration for your own big day, we hope that you’ll enjoy these retrospectives.

As we travel back in time, we’ll be starting with the recent past: the 2000s. The current era of ultra-personalized weddings was only just beginning last decade when we entered the new millennium. Though the street fashion of the 2000s is largely looked upon with disdain (remember cropped hoodies and denim skirts over leggings?) the sentimentality of one’s nuptials can improve the memory of certain trends. However, given the cyclical nature of fashion, it’s only a matter of time until some of these styles return. 

Dresses: As fewer people were holding their nuptials in houses of worship, strapless gowns shot up in popularity. Spaghetti straps were also seen, but not nearly as often. Necklines tended to be straight across, but towards the end of the decade, the sweetheart reigned supreme. Shinier fabrics like satin and taffeta were most common, with bling used instead of lace details. Ball gowns frequently had lots of pickups, and colored sashes or appliqués were favored as well. 

Venues: With fewer church ceremonies, the couples had to go somewhere! Hotels and country clubs were the most common, but destination weddings at resorts were a common choice for those who desired a more intimate affair that still had the feeling of a grand event. 

Beauty & Accessories: Tiaras and fascinators were more popular than a traditional veil, fitting the glamour-leaning style of the time. For makeup, brides tended to go with a smoky eye and a light or neutral lipstick. As sunless tanner exploded in popularity, many brides and grooms took advantage of the easily accessible creams and sprays to have a bronzed look on the big day. Grooms usually wore satin ties that matched the bridesmaids, and sometimes the bride would even have her own shoes dyed to match!

Other Details: Going along with the increased popularity of destination weddings, tropical flowers such as hibiscus or bird of paradise were frequently seen in bouquets and other floral arrangements. Even if the blossoms were not exotic, colorful hues were often used. Though, of course, many couples still had a traditional wedding cake, the cupcake boom was definitely evident at many a reception, with the intricately decorated confections displayed in a grand tower. 

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Did you attend any weddings that included these elements? Would you use any of these trends at your own wedding? Let us know in the comments!

Opening photo by Nadia D. Photography

Authored by: Emily Lasnier