How to Properly Mail Your Wedding Invitations

Make sure nothing goes wrong when you send your invites.

tips for mailing your wedding invitation

With email, texting, and social media, most people don’t have to use the mail very often anymore. And if they do, it’s likely for a simple birthday card or thank-you note, which only need a current or forever first-class mail stamp. However, wedding invitations can be more complicated – particularly the high-end suites.

If your invites include multiple pieces, you’ll have to properly arrange them: the invitation itself is at the bottom, with the other pieces (such as maps, hotel information, and an RSVP card tucked into an unsealed envelope) stacked from the biggest to the smallest on top. This pile should go into your unsealed inner envelope – should you choose to have one – with the guests’ names facing the opening of the outer envelope. Of course, that’s if you are having traditional invites, but there are also luxury invitation suites that include boxes and naturally will require more complicated packaging. In these instances, look to your planner or stationer for assistance, though the below steps regarding postage will still be helpful. 

- Weigh before mailing. As seen above, high-end invitations can weigh quite a bit more than a standard invitation. It’s important to take one fully assembled envelope to the post office to make sure you know exactly how many stamps you will need. The last thing you want is to send out dozens, if not hundreds, of expensive invitations only to have them returned because of insufficient postage!

- Splurge for hand processing. Custom invitations are beautiful, but are also often in nonstandard sizes and shapes. Not only can that affect the stamps you need, but also you might be required to pay for it to be processed by hand. Even if it’s not required, it might be worth it to pay the fee anyway, because then you know your mail will be sorted by a person instead of a machine. With a machine, there’s a chance that your envelopes could be bent or dirtied. 

- Stamp the RSVPs. The envelope with the RSVP card absolutely needs to be stamped before you mail out the invitations. You don’t want to be essentially charging people, however small a fee, to send in their RSVP to your wedding. 

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Opening photo by Painted Peacock Photography

Authored by: Emily Lasnier