Should You Host a Morning-After Wedding Brunch?

The perks and drawbacks of throwing an extra celebration the morning after your wedding.

Many modern couples are choosing to host a breakfast the morning after they say “I do” as a way to continue the celebration and to give relatives preparing to leave a loving send-off. Find out if this extra event is right for you!

Photo: Courtesy of Villeroy & Boch

Imagine waking up in the warm aftermath of your wedding, lazing around with your new spouse, throwing on some fresh clothes, and meeting your parents, bridal party, and out-of-town guests on a hotel terrace for a postnuptial brunch. Does this sound like a blissful morning or an inconvenience for you and your beloved?

Many modern couples are choosing to host a breakfast the morning after they say “I do” as a way to continue the celebration and to give relatives preparing to leave a loving send-off. If you’re mulling over whether or not you should include this extra event in your weekend itinerary, consider these pros and cons first.

Pros of a Post-Wedding Brunch

Visiting with everyone one last time.

As mentioned, sending off your nearest and dearest with an intimate meal might be the perfect way to say a proper “thank you.” In all the excitement, you may have missed hugging your mom, your brother, or your best friend goodbye when leaving the night before – this is a great opportunity to have a more casual conversation and to make time to let each guest know just how special they are to you.

Immediate feedback and lovely stories.

You won’t have to wait until you return from your honeymoon to discuss the wedding with your friends and family. You’ll get little stories of cute moments here and there, and you can also look through photos taken by your bridal party members and close relatives – reliving the event one last time, and also giving your “stamp of approval” for posts on social media!

Brunch is delicious.

The combination of breakfast and lunch is arguably the most important meal following any big event. You can create a menu of your favorite foods or select an amazing restaurant that holds some sentimental value to you and your sweetheart. Your friends and family will leave with full hearts and full stomachs!

Cons of a Morning-After Brunch

Travel plans made tricky.

If you are planning on departing for your honeymoon the day after your vows, a morning brunch could cut into valuable preparation time. Though you should already be packed, traveling to the airport is a challenge unto itself – there’s no telling how long your guests will want you to stay and chat, and it’s a real possibility to lose track of time quickly and miss your flight, train, etc.

Lively spirits in short supply.

If your event went late into the night – or even into the wee hours of the morning – and alcohol was provided, not everyone will be fresh-faced and happy… including yourselves. You might find the brunch as more of an obligation at 9:30AM the following day, so take your collective habits into consideration.

Jokes that can make you uncomfortable.

As the event takes place the morning after your wedding night, you’re bound to get a few mildly inappropriate jokes or questions – usually all in good fun – concerning what happened after you and your new spouse left the reception. If you know that one of your wedding-party members doesn’t have much of a filter, and you fear for Nana’s sensibility, this may not be the best option for you.

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