Should You Send Save-the-Date Cards?

Find out if pre-invitations are necessary for your wedding.

Once you have officially chosen a date for your fête, you can now spread the word to those who will be invited. Though you might already be designing your invitations, it may be best to send save-the-date cards first. These pre-invitations are a wonderful way to excite your guests and inform them of the pending plans. It’s highly encouraged to send save the dates when the wedding is a destination event, as guests will need to make a bigger investment with both time and money. Some couples simply like to send save the dates so their loved ones don’t make other plans, such as trips or other celebrations that may be occuring the same day.

Brightly colored save the date card with pink flowers greenery
Photo by Paige Jones; Planning & Design by Bluebell Events

Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine if save the dates are right for your occasion:

How far in advance is your celebration? If your wedding is only a few months away, an invitation alone will suffice. However, if the wedding is in more than six months or even a year, save the dates are quite useful. You can even make them into postcards and choose a design as lavish or as understated as you wish.

Is it a destination wedding? Save the dates are practically imperative for a destination wedding. This allows your attendees to plan their flights and accommodations accordingly, which will ensure a greater attendance rate. It will also prevent the stress of last-minute arrangements.

Are you completely sure about your guest list? Once you send save the dates, you are committed to sending the same guests an official invitation. If you know this person will be allowed a guest, you might want to note that on the envelope that way they can also make travel arrangements for their plus one.

Do you have a décor theme? It actually doesn’t matter if you haven’t settled on a theme, as your save the date isn’t required to match your layout or palette for the wedding. Make the save the date clear, noting basic details and include anything sweet or personal to the two of you. It’s that simple!

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Authored by: Keeanna Garcia