The 6 Most Sentimental Parts of Your Nuptials

Discover the most heartwarming and romantic moments of the wedding day.

The 6 Most Sentimental Parts of Your Nuptials

Photo: Duke Photography

The foundation of all weddings is commitment, and while there are elements that must be very official – and therefore, inherently non-sentimental – there are plenty of ways to include as much whimsy and romance into your special day as you and your partner would like. Details of your nuptials can be shaped to reflect the special connection you and your sweetheart have with one another – a task high up on any hopeless romantic’s list of priorities. If you’re still seeking ways to get the most love out of your wedding, may we recommend focusing on the most sentimental and sweet moments of the day? Start looking forward to these six big instances that will melt your heart and make you feel all warm, fuzzy, and just a little teary-eyed throughout the event. Make sure your photographer is close at hand!

Reading the pre-wedding letters. If you and your beloved elect to exchange love messages on the morning of your ceremony, this can be an incredibly emotional and beautiful experience. With a lot of heart and a lot of humor, these letters can serve as a calming reminder that you’re about to embark on a fantastic journey with the love of your life. What a lovely way to start the day!

When you see one another for the first time. Whether you choose to have a private "first look," a public "first look," or want to wait until the walk down the aisle, seeing your partner in their wedding attire is intensely emotional. You’ve likely envisioned what your beloved would look like on this day, and finally getting to lay eyes on them as you prepare to join together in matrimony is such a great feeling. Some couples can’t help but give one another a kiss – even if it’s during the ceremony!

The vows leading into the first kiss. Even if you go the more traditional route and opt out of writing personalized sentiments, the customary vows likely mean a great deal to you and your beloved – so let the words overtake you! The time between the utterance of the first vow all the way through the pinnacle moment of the service – the first kiss – is filled with more outwardly expressed love and promise than any other time period that day.

When the music is slowed down. Any time the band or DJ plays a slower song – the first dance included – and all of the couples meander their way onto the dance floor, it’s magic. Not only is the newlyweds’ love being celebrated, but that of every couple present as well. It’s truly special to look out across the reception space and see people locked in a warm embrace with their sweetie all over the place.

The couple’s thank-you speech. If you and your beloved choose to make a speech during the evening, it’s likely you'll say something about one another, in addition to the appreciation you want to show for every attendee. Even just the little comments, such as “my incredible wife and I…” or “…and doesn’t my husband look so handsome?” mean all the world.

Making the grand exit. Walking or running, under a bridge of guests’ hands or through a tunnel of shining sparklers, the two of you leaving your reception, hand-in-hand, is a sight to see. As you hop into your getaway vehicle and drive off, it’s quite symbolic – you're leaving one chapter of your lives and entering the next, full force, with your partner by your side. 

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Opening photo by Duke Photography; Wedding Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events