Tips for Serving Your Wedding Cake

Find out when and how to cut the confection.

Picking out a cake is often one of the most fun parts about wedding planning. Once the big day arrives, find out the best way to cut your wedding cake and serve it to loved ones.

Photo: Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

when to cut the wedding cake, how to serve your wedding cake

Picking out a cake is often one of the most fun parts about wedding planning. Not only do you get to enjoy the delicious samples during the tasting, but you also get to work with the baker to see your perfect design come to life. However, once you finalize the flavors and look of your confection, you have to figure out what to actually do with it! Consult with your baker – you can also have your planner act as a liaison for this part – about their methods of delivery. Together with the venue and perhaps even your florist, you can decide how to best display the cake. 

When deciding when to cut the cake, it’s important to keep in mind that traditionally, this moment is seen as a cue for guests that it is appropriate to leave. Don’t panic – generally plenty of your attendees will want to stick around for the party, but older relatives and those with small children may feel ready to head home. Some newlyweds do their cake cutting right after dinner, when dessert is traditionally served. Others choose to enjoy a bit of dancing first, which has the advantage of potentially seeing more guests on the dance floor as well as working up an appetite! There is no set rule, so it really depends on what seems like the best fit for your event. 

Outside of carving a turkey for Thanksgiving, one doesn’t usually have to put a lot of thought into how to cut a food item. However, since cutting your cake will be photographed and two people are involved, it’s important to have decided on your method ahead of time. The triangle shape is probably the most common and expected way to cut a cake, but a rectangle is actually a little easier to slide onto a plate.

If you want to save the top tier to freeze for your first anniversary, it’s very important to make that clear to both your baker and the caterer. You don’t want the servers to accidentally cut it to provide for your guests! If neither vendor provides a box for transport, make sure to bring one so you can easily take the cake home.

Opening photo by Maya Myers Photography; Linens by Luxe Linen; Planning & Design by Sterling Engagements