Watch a Cute Wedding Speech Made by a Little Girl

Who says toasts should be left to the adults?

Watch a Cute Wedding Speech Made by a Little Girl

Photo: Brett Matthews Photography

The toasts are often what wedding guests dread the most about the reception. They can be too long, cover inappropriate topics, or worse yet – get in the way of dinner or dancing! However, the video above showcases one babbling speech attendees won’t mind.

A video from America’s Funniest Home Videos showcases a little girl – judging from her white dress, we assume she was the flower girl – giving an off-the-cuff speech at a wedding. She starts off sharing her dreams, as well as how when she was a baby she wanted to grow up and be four. Now the preschooler is old enough to bestow some wisdom on the newlyweds, though it may be difficult for them to understand.

Most importantly, she begins to wrap up the speech by proclaiming, “I am so happy you got married!” – a sentiment which garners much applause. The MC, or possibly the child’s father, tries to get the microphone at this point, but she wasn’t quite done. Watch the video above!

Would you have a little one give a toast on your big day? Let us know in the comments!

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