What's Worth Splurging on for Your Honeymoon

The parts of your big trip you shouldn't skimp on.

After spending lots of time and money on the wedding, it may be tempting to dial it down for the honeymoon, but you will likely regret that decision. For many newlyweds, a honeymoon is a chance to live in luxury for a week or two before returning to the real world to begin life as a married couple. Even if you are lucky enough to travel frequently, this is a chance to go all out on an extravagant trip. Of course, not all expenses are created equal, and when you choose to splurge, you want to make sure you are choosing the right aspects of the vacation to spend more on. 

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Photo courtesy of Peter Gubernat Photography

Discover ideas and tips on where to splurge on your honeymoon below:

- Flights. If your honeymoon destination is not that long of a flight away, you may want to earmark the money for a different part of your trip. However, a long-haul flight to a locale across the globe will be much more pleasant after splurging on (or using frequent-flyer miles for) first class tickets. 

- Lodging. The last leg of the trip will set the tone for your return home, so if you are only able to get luxury accommodations for one part of your honeymoon, choose the last destination and relax in style. 

- Restaurants. Not everyone is an epicure, and sometimes the best food can be found at simple hole-in-the-wall establishments, as the late Anthony Bourdain taught us. Five-star dining may not be necessary to try the local cuisine, unless there is a particular spot you’ve always wanted to visit. If you do choose to splurge on a meal, find somewhere with a unique atmosphere. 

- Experiences. Whether it’s an unforgettable show, a thrilling excursion, or even a simple guided tour, you want to make sure you’re seeing all your honeymoon destination has to offer. Just because something seems touristy doesn’t mean it isn’t an experience worth having. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier