After being part of the same social circle for a couple of years, Erin Snyder and Yolanda Morrow finally got together. Because she didn’t want an engagement ring for herself, Erin decided she would be the one to propose, taking advantage of a family trip to Italy. “She had the ring in her pocket all day and night, until we returned from dinner after midnight,” shares Yolanda. “Once we returned to our hotel, we took a walk in a nearby vineyard to look at the stars, and then she proposed!”

They quickly hired Thomas Bui Lifestyle to help achieve their dream nuptials. “It was surprising how easy Thomas made it for us to plan a wedding in San Diego [while we were living in] West Hollywood,” notes Yolanda. Erin’s mother, Cindy, also proved invaluable to the brides, helping to guide them on any of the tougher decisions.

Befitting their vineyard engagement, the happy couple decided to incorporate wine throughout their wedding day. Bridesmaids wore mismatched dresses of their choosing, in hues ranging from “red wine to rosé” and a wine unity ceremony was incorporated into the vow exchange, which was officiated by a dear friend. There were three best men between the two brides, and they wore boutonnieres with wine corks as a base. 

Corks also held the escort cards as guests made their way into the lavishly decorated reception space. “We wanted to have a really natural look,” explains Erin. “We had eight-foot tall trees on tables with hanging candleholders, and the other tables had arrangements featuring the trunks of birch trees, candles, mosses, and flowers.” Wine boxes were used as accents throughout the décor. The tiramisu and chocolate cake embodied simple elegance, with white buttercream frosting and cascading flowers. A topper of two brides with two cats at the bottom of their dresses, along with a third cat made of fondant on the next tier, represented the newlyweds and their beloved pets.

Though the wedding successfully blended the natural sensibilities of Yolanda's personality with the traditional elements of Erin’s background, the new Mrs. and Mrs. do have advice for future brides, based on what they would have done differently for their own special day: “More hairspray!”