For two admittedly very old-fashioned people, Kristina Dzeba and Steven Gulotta met in a very modern way. After they both swiped right on Bumble, “Steve actually picked up the phone and called me – unheard of for a millennial!” smiles Kristina. On their first date, there was an instant spark. “We quickly grew inseparable,” she affirms. While in Montauk for a weekend getaway to celebrate their two-year anniversary, Steve proposed. 

When it came time to start planning their nuptials, the Ohio-based couple worked with Kelly O’Connor and the entire team at A Charming Fête to organize their dream wedding day. From there, they put together a full wedding team tasked with the goal of bringing their vision to life. “When assembling a team for what I hoped would be the most glittering and magical day of my life, I really looked to aesthetic and artistry, as well as reputation to determine trustworthiness for undertaking such a task,” adds the bride. 

Though they had to move their wedding date multiple times due to the pandemic, the third time was the charm! In keeping with tradition and to honor the bride’s father, who passed away in 2010, Kristina and Steve were married in front of 120 loved ones during a Catholic mass. “I wanted to create our wedding mass to make him smile above,” the bride shares. Following the heartfelt ceremony accompanied by impressive orchestral music and a grand choir, friends and family made their way to the reception space. 

Desiring an elegant design scheme that would bring their theme of “Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers go to a Mediterranean Garden” to life, “I wanted to capture the resplendent glamour of a 1930s musical,” notes Kristina; “however, in contrast to most of [their] musical films, Steve and I also knew we wanted lots of radiant color to truly make the celebration bright and memorable.” The ballroom was awash in shades of gold, emerald green, and white, layered with contrasting burgundy, raspberry, and merlot hues. 

“I wanted to capture the resplendent glamour of a 1930s musical.”

“I am a flower-obsessed nut,” laughs Kristina. “I think that Heather [Thomas of HeatherLily] is similarly obsessed but also has the most astounding aesthetic vision and impeccable elegance to create a breathtaking installation. Heather and her team created absolute magic!” The head table showcased lush raspberry hydrangeas, pink roses, and merlot ranunculuses accented with sprays of greenery down the tablescape. Round guest tables were decorated with the same blooms in shorter vessels alongside tall candles, while rectangular tables showcased a stunning “floating” centerpiece elevated overhead. 

Décor also showcased cozy lounge seating, a vintage movie poster starring the bride and groom, as well as a custom white-and-gold dance floor to further enhance the theme. As music lovers, the pair also paid special attention to the entertainment. “To augment the feel of a glamorous old-fashioned party, we started the evening with a big band at cocktail hour with hits from the Glen Miller Orchestra and similar groups of the time,” illustrates the bride. 

A live band continued the desired tone with classic, sultry jazz throughout the reception, which flowed effortlessly after the couple’s first dance to “Love Is Here to Stay” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Following the dinner service, pop and rock hits were played to keep friends and family on the dance floor. 

Kristina and Steve affirm that every part of their nuptials was just as they hoped it would be. “The best planning advice I received was to savor each and every moment of the wedding and not to be distracted by any small details that didn’t go to plan,” shares Kristina. “Fortunately though, everything went exactly to plan! I adore every memory and feel so grateful to have been able to have such a gorgeous celebration.”

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