How to Choose Outfits for Your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

It's not just up to you, after all.

Discover tips for choosing the right attire and accessories for your flower girls and ring bearers to wear on the big day!

Photo: Embrace Life Photography

Though not an absolutely essential part of the big day, flower girls and ring bearers are a lovely and adorable wedding tradition. If you have nieces and nephews, younger cousins, or children of your own, it may be important to you to include them in the big day. The most common age range for flower girls and ring bearers is between three and eight, but as more couples want to avoid leaving any little ones out, even babies and toddlers may be included – often brought down the aisle via a darling wagon. Though you’ll likely know right away who you want your flower girls or ring bearers to be, because of their young age it’s best to wait until a few months before the wedding to ask. As a result, you’ll have to make decisions about their ensembles much faster than the rest of the bridal party.

Usually you’ll want their attire to go with the style of the wedding. A ring bearer will usually take after any groomsmen while the flower girl may reflect the look of the bride or don the same hue as the bridesmaids. However, unless you are paying for the flower girl and ring bearer outfits, it’s important to keep the parents’ budget in mind. Perhaps you found the perfect dress that seems affordable, but your three flower girls are all sisters. Remember how the costs can add up for their parents. Of course, the best and most generous thing is to foot the bill, but if that’s not feasible it is important to be accommodating for those taking part in your special day. 

Another factor in choosing what your flower girls and ring bearers will wear is the comfort of the children in question. A little boy might feel stifled by a full tuxedo jacket. For younger kids, consider suspenders over a dress shirt instead. It will still look adorable and no one is going to talk about a toddler being underdressed. Flower girls may want to have their own say in their dress. If the child is drawn to poofy tulle and you’re big day has a rustic aesthetic, don’t fret. Accessories can do the heavy lifting to go with your theme. A flower girl who is happy in her dress will make for better memories than one who is pouting over the outfit. Comfort is a major factor with shoes as well. The stiffness of dress shoes may be too much for the little ones – we’ve seen ring bearers go down the aisle barefoot! Have some more casual shoes on hand just in case. As an added benefit, most kids will get more use out of those than dress shoes. 

Most important of all, choose fabrics that are both wrinkle and stain resistant. Either way, try to put off having the children put on their ensembles until as close to the ceremony as possible. 

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