How to Wear a Wedding Dress on the Beach

Get advice on keeping your gown clean when your ceremony is on the sand.

Beach weddings continue to be popular, especially in the summer. Whether you’re local to a coastal community or jet away to a tropical destination, there are plenty of reasons to love an oceanfront ceremony on the sand. There are downsides to such a setting, of course, one of the biggest being the state of your wedding dress. However, don’t let that deter you if your dream is to exchange vows on the shore! Even if your nuptials are held at a more traditional venue, but you desire taking your portraits during a romantic walk on the beach, we have plenty of tips and tricks to keep your bridal gown looking as clean as possible. 

beach wedding dress tips, how to wear your wedding dress on the beach
Photo by Victoria Angela Photography

- Avoid lace and tulle. At least when it comes to the hemline! While both fabrics may seem like they can be light and breezy for a warm-weather wedding, they are also major sand traps. Chiffon, organza, and even jersey might be a better option for a gown that’s still romantic and flowy, but less likely to bring the beach with you upon your departure. 

- Skip the train. A long train is bound to be a hassle and get dirty in the sand, no matter the fabric. You may even want to consider a shorter wedding dress if you’re really worried about it remaining in good condition. 

- Watch out for rocks. Both along the shoreline and taking dreamy pictures on rocky cliffs, jagged edges can snag and tear your precious gown. 

- Stay away from water. Unless the reception is over and you’re open to a “trash the dress” session, don’t even dip a toe in the ocean or on wet sand. Not only will water and sand make your bridal gown dirty in the moment, but it can also leave stains. 

- Lift your skirt. Whenever possible, gently lift your skirt above your ankles to avoid dragging it through the sand. Since you won’t be able to do this while walking down the aisle, reach out to a vendor such as The Original Runner Company to create a safe pathway for your processional. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier