The Pros and Cons of Shopping for a Wedding Dress Alone

Would you rather have some peace and quiet or get help with the decision?

Shopping for your bridal gown is often considered the most fun component of wedding planning. After all, the dress is the part that many women daydream about even before getting engaged. Bringing your nearest and dearest along to help you shop can be a joyous occasion. However, it can also be stressful as opinions clash and you may wind up with an unpleasant memory. This is why some brides choose to go shopping alone. If you need help deciding what's best for you, read the pros and cons of making that choice, below.

pros and cons of shopping for your wedding dress alone
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- A calm atmosphere. There will be less stress and tension resulting from disagreements about the dress.
- Your decision is yours. Without other people’s opinions muddling your thought process, you’ll know that the gown you choose is truly your favorite.
- More flexibility. When you go to an appointment alone, you don’t have to try to coordinate the schedules of several loved ones – which can be especially tricky if someone plans to visit from out of town to attend a dress-shopping excursion. 


- Losing out on bonding time. Shopping with your mom, sisters, or bridesmaids is often a great opportunity to bring everyone together for the wedding.
- No decision tiebreakers. The salon consultant can help provide a second opinion, but brides who are less certain of their vision may prefer to have friends or family who know their style available in order to point them in the right direction. 
- It can cause hurt feelings. While bringing nobody means you’re not excluding any individual person, those who may have expected to help you shop could still be hurt that you chose to do it alone. 

As a compromise, one thing that can work for brides is to go to a few preliminary appointments by yourself, or even with one trusted friend. Then, once you have either narrowed it down or essentially decided on the dress for you, bring along the entourage for a smoother shopping experience to buy your bridal gown. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier