Beautiful Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations

Having your wedding at a church doesn't mean you have to eliminate décor.

If you've decided to have your wedding ceremony at a church, here are the easiest ways to incorporate your design aesthetic into the original styling of the house of worship

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Though one of the most popular wedding trends as of late is to have an outdoor wedding, there are still thousands of couples who choose to keep with tradition and exchange vows at a church wedding. If you've decided to have your wedding ceremony at a church – whether the house of worship you grew up attending, your current sanctuary, or a gorgeous church in a new destination, you'll be faced with two options: decorate minimally to accentuate the ornate design of the cathedral, or work with your wedding designer to add complementary décor to the space to really create a wow-factor with church wedding decorations. If you decide the latter, discuss the rules regarding decorations with church administrators first. Next, start thinking about how you can incorporate your design aesthetic into the original styling of the house of worship.

How can I decorate the church for my wedding?

Especially if you're unable to add décor inside the church, consider decorating the outside with garlands of flowers, add wreaths to doors, or display large urns filled with blooms at the entrance. Once inside the sanctuary, greet guests with a floral arch or place lush arrangements on either side of the aisle. Wedding decorations in church settings are often allowed on the big day, within reason, so make sure you ask before assuming you can't have what you want for your wedding – decorated opulently, for example. While wedding planning, cover your bases regarding church wedding decorations. You may even find that having simpler church decor will allow you to spend on other parts of the wedding, such as more decorations at the reception or even a better menu!

How do I decorate my wedding aisle?

Aisle decorations are a wonderful way to add a pop of color and freshness to a simple church, or you can place a small bundle of flowers on the side of each church pew. A fabric aisle runner is one of the easiest ways to customize church decorations for weddings – you can even create a custom aisle runner featuring a personalized monogram or design, or simply add some flower petals down the walkway in addition to floral arrangements at the entrance to the aisle and the altar itself. Adorn church pews with floral bouquets tied with ribbon or line the aisle with flickering candlelight, and embellish the altar with striking florals or even tree-like arrangements to create gorgeous wedding church decor.

Find additional inspiration in the images from real weddings below, and be inspired to decorate your own ceremony space with beautiful décor. 

Bride in front of Perkins Chapel church
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church wedding decor ideas flower wreath monogram letters on doors entrance
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Classic car in front of decorated church
Photo by Aaron Delesie Photographer; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

White flowers with blue ribbon on church wedding door
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Lush white flower decorations at church wedding
Photo by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

Pink flower and greenery wedding arches
Photo by Adrienne Page

Catholic church wedding venue in Los Angeles
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wedding ceremony at traditional church bride and groom at altar bright bridesmaid dresses
Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography; Planning & Design by Sterling Engagements

White hydrangea pew decorations with blue ribbon
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White tree decor at church ceremony
Photo by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

Catholic wedding ceremony winter celebration beautiful church venue
Photo by Averyhouse

Custom aisle runner and flowers at church wedding
Photo by Aaron Delesie Photographer; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

Green garlands with white roses on church pews
Photo by Liz Banfield and Adrienne Page

Gorgeous Dallas Church Ceremony
Photo by Sarah Kate, Photographer

Flowers on Pews
Photo by Perez Photography

Church Ceremony with Florals on Archway
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Whether you choose to go simple and neutral for your church wedding decorations or opulent and luxurious, the church wedding decorations you select will work to embellish what's likely already a gorgeous church wedding venue. If you always imagined getting married outdoors but your family has always wanted you to have a traditional church wedding, add plenty of decorations with fresh greenery and white flowers to bring the outside garden feel inside the church. While not every church is the same, it's unlikely that you'll be asked to not have any decorations – once you know what you like and what's allowed at your church wedding, add church wedding decorations that fit within the rules while also providing you with the dream wedding you've always envisioned. Happy planning!

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