3 Reasons Why White Wedding Flowers Are a Great Choice

Discover why this hue is so popular for floral arrangements.

3 Reasons Why White Wedding Flowers Are a Great Choice

Photo: Michelle Beller Photography

While we love the look of vibrant and colorful bouquets, there’s still nothing quite like the elegance of an all-white arrangement of blossoms. An alabaster color scheme is certainly considered one of the more classic palettes for brides, but it is also embraced in weddings of all styles: modern, rustic, glamorous, and even boho-chic. Very few people are likely to name white or ivory as their favorite color in their daily life, so why do so many people flock to it for their nuptials? Practicality actually can play as much of a factor as the aesthetic appeal. 

White is a neutral hue, as are all the similar shades. With mismatched bridesmaid dresses being all the rage, it can be more difficult to make sure the ladies’ bouquets complement their gowns. However, if they all clutch ivory blossoms, any frock they choose will pair beautifully. 

large floral centerpieces with white roses and orchids

Photo by Carasco Photography; Floral Design by Kesh Designs; Linens by Nüage Designs

On a similar note, the consistency of a vanilla palette is desirable. Sure, there are subtle differences between the types of flowers, but shades of white are generally seen as white. Think of how many types of pink exist in the world – florals have that kind of variance too. If your centerpieces come in and wind up clashing with the linens because the purple has more of a red hue than you originally planned, there’s not much you can do. A cream bloom won’t look too drastically different from a snowy flower, but vibrant blossoms have a higher chance of unpredictability in color – due to aspects of nature beyond the control of a florist. 

Another benefit is that you don’t have to have your bouquet be beholden to your wedding day. You might not always be able to get a sunny yellow blossom, but no matter what time of year it is, there is a white flower in bloom. Deciding on a neutral, monochromatic floral design early on also means it will be easier to pick the specific type of flowers – whichever varieties come in white!

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