A Perfect Playlist for Your Summer Wedding

Listen to 21 songs that will set a fun and relaxed mood for your warm nuptials this season.

A Perfect Playlist for Your Summer Wedding

Photo: Clane Gessel Photography

Happy almost summer, everyone! As things start to heat up and wedding celebrations slowly begin moving outdoors, attendees are looking forward to soaking up some sun with the brides and grooms tying the knot this season. Whether you and your beloved are hosting your nuptials seaside, on a sprawling lawn, upon a mountaintop, or another dreamy locale, selecting a set of tunes to set the mood for your alfresco soirée is of the utmost importance. 

Songs that represent the relaxing and laid-back nature of summer are perfect to play during cocktail hour – we also recommend turning them on while wedding planning to keep you calm and happy during the process. On the other hand, having upbeat dance tunes available for your lively reception is pertinent in creating a summer party atmosphere.

To assist in designing the perfect musical flow of your seasonal vow exchange, we’ve created a playlist of 21 songs to inspire the soundtrack of your special day. Pour over our list with your partner – and your band or DJ – to get ideas!


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Opening photo by Juan Carlos Tapia Photography