A Wedding Planning To-Do List for Friends & Family

For when people actually mean it when they ask to help.

As much as your wedding is truly about you and your future spouse, these celebrations have a tendency to get everyone involved. Even when you have a professional planner on board and insist that you don’t want anyone to stress out over your day, friends and family often actually want to help. It is tempting to not want to appear to be a burden, but there are loved ones who legitimately want to get involved and make an effort to take things off of your plate. While you probably don’t want to put your aunt or best friend from high school in charge of something major like catering, there are some smaller, but still crucial, tasks where some assistance could be incredibly helpful.

wedding planning tasks that friends and family can help with
Photo by Lorely Meza Photography; Venue: Montage Kapalua Bay

Discover a wedding planning to-do list for friends and family, below:

- Seating chart. Not only is nailing down a seating chart an arduous puzzle, but it also requires knowing various family dynamics. Bringing in someone like your future sister-in-law can help make sure you don’t have any tension during dinner. 

- Drop off décor. If you have any DIY projects that are a part of your big day, they will need to be brought to the venue at some point – usually the night before or morning of the wedding. In all likelihood you’ll be too busy (especially during the morning!) and this may not fall under the umbrella of your planner’s duties. Your uncle bringing over the guest book and more will keep your mom from having to miss any of the getting-ready process. 

- Collect gifts after the reception. Especially useful if the newlyweds are heading to their honeymoon right after the wedding, or have a grand exit before the end of the night, having a trusted loved one gather all your cards and gifts and safely bring them home ensures that nothing will be misplaced. 

- Help with DIY projects. Depending on the skill level of your friends and family, they can provide invaluable help with décor items you plan to DIY for the nuptials, such as menus, place cards, and signage.  

- Gathering addresses. This might seem like the simplest of the aforementioned tasks, but it is also the most important. Without addresses, you can’t invite anyone! Find a representative from each social/family group to collect them for you and it will be taken care of in much less time than if you did it yourself. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier