How to Deal With Your Wedding Vendor Canceling

It's every bride's nightmare... but try not to panic!

A fire, a double booking, abruptly going out of business – there are many reasons a vendor might cancel on a couple at the last minute, but none of them will make a bride or groom feel better about the last-minute scrambling they now have to embark on.

To avoid being completely out of luck, we recommend obtaining wedding insurance, as well as making sure there is a contingency plan for cancelation in the contract. If it’s too late for that, however, we have some advice for what you can do after finding yourself without a key vendor for your special day. 

bride and groom on steps of venue, what to do if your vendors cancel
Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography; Planning & Design by Nahid's Global Events

- Tell your planner immediately. They are professionals for a reason and may surprise you with how quickly they can find a solution.
- Ask for a referral from the former vendor, provided you still trust them. If the cancelation is due to an unfortunate circumstance beyond their control, they will want to make it right. Those in the industry tend to know each other. Your other vendors may have preferred professionals they work with as well, and can quickly find out who has a hole in their schedule.
- If the vendor is refusing to refund your deposit, call your bank or credit card company in order to dispute the payment. As long as the cancelation had nothing to do with you, there is no reason you should have to pay for services that were never rendered. That being said, make sure to read your contracts carefully before signing to avoid any issues!
- Decide on what compromises you and your future spouse are willing to make. This largely depends on how far along in the planning process you are when the cancelation occurred, but you may have to consider changing your date, or even the whole look of the day.
- Don’t give up! When you first get the news, it will likely feel catastrophic, but there are plenty of stories of people putting on beautiful celebrations at the last minute. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier