How to Have a Couples' Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

No need to celebrate separately if it's not your style!

While traditionally bachelor and bachelorette parties are meant as the last opportunity for soon-to-be married pairs to party separately, the practice seems outdated for some modern couples. Relationships before marriage are much longer on average than they used to be, so brides and grooms likely haven’t felt “single” for years – why celebrate the final days of legal singlehood? There are also sweethearts who share groups of friends, particularly if they started dating in high school and college. Having a pre-wedding event without half of your good friends feels wrong to some. That’s where the coed bachelor/bachelorette parties come in! Everyone still gets their night (or weekend!) of fun, but in a way that feels true to the relationship being celebrated. If you still want some separation, you can always combine groups at the end of the night, like Anna Camp and Skylar Astin did before their wedding. 

coed bachelor/bachelorette party ideas for couples
Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography

If you think a coed party might be right for you and your future spouse, consider the following ideas for the festivities: 

- Beach trip. Depending on where you live, this could be an easy day trip or a luxury vacation. Sunbathe, play in the water, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, and end the night with a bonfire. 

- Bar hop. It’s simple. It’s classic. It works. 

- Camping adventure. Start your days with a hike to a swimming hole and then relax in your side-by-side campsites with lawn games. Once the sun sets, you can all sit around by the fire and play some fun bachelor/bachelorette games.

- Music festival. A weekend of activities is built right in, and it’s easy for smaller groups to split up as needed to see different sets, which can help a larger party keep from being overwhelming. 

- Amusement park. Bond while waiting in line and enjoy some thrill rides before taking part in the next thrill of your life: marriage!

- Classic Las Vegas. Just because you’re a coed group doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the casinos and the clubs!

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier