How to Stay Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

Make sure the day of your nuptials is free of stress.

how to stay calm and relaxed during your wedding
As much as planning can be a stressful time, your wedding day should be an opportunity for you to both relax and relish the excitement. However, that is easier said than done and nerves can often get the best of brides and grooms. While it’s natural to be emotional during your nuptials, most people would prefer to focus on the joy of the occasion rather than get worked up over the details of the actual event.

Whether you’re worried about the décor being set up as you planned, vendors not arriving on time, or your ex crashing the ceremony, we want to help keep you calm instead. While some of these tips should be utilized throughout the lead-up to your wedding, others can be used to help your mood on the morning of the big day.

Read on for relaxation methods and share your own tips in the comments!

- First, it’s time to accept that the odds are in favor of something going wrong. The sooner you are okay with that, the less it will bother you. As long as you end up married, the wedding is a success!
- Get enough to eat, even if you’re nervous. Having low blood sugar won’t help, but comfort food might.
- As difficult as it is, try to get enough sleep the night before. If you know you’ll be restless, at least make sure you get ample shut-eye during the week prior.
- Try having a looser itinerary, so you don’t stress when little things are behind schedule. Focus on the major bullet points instead.
- If you're really afraid of being nervous, many brides and grooms report that having a "first look" helped keep them steady on the big day.
- Look back at old pictures of you and your spouse together to remember why you’re going through this.
- Try out different breathing exercises and meditation methods so you know what will work on your wedding day.
- If it's your style, have a drink to calm your nerves while you're getting ready. Mimosas, anyone?
- Dance out your tensions with your bridesmaids by blasting your favorite tunes.
- Fill your bridal suite with aromatherapy ­– lavender in particular is known to be calming.

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Opening photo by Juan Carlos Tapia Photography

Authored by: Emily Lasnier