Saluting Your City Through Your Décor

Show your hometown pride with these wedding ideas.

We here at Inside Weddings have noticed that couples who choose to wed in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, or most any other urban center tend to have one thing in common: they love their city! That's why when we learned about the new Metropolis Collection from Lladrَ, we immediately thought it provided the perfect way to incorporate city flare into wedding décor, with modern pieces that are both fresh and cutting-edge. These avant-garde buildings are a completely unique and original way to decorate cocktail hour, card tables, or the bar, for example. We haven't seen it done yet, have you? Best of all, the line is comprised of functional objects such as vases, lamps, mirrors, and boxes, all of which come in a variety of colors, so after the wedding, newlyweds can easily transfer the items into their home as the perfect souvenir of their metropolitan marriage.

Opening photograph by Christian Oth Studio