What You Need to Know From Wedding Caterers

Get these answers before deciding on the important vendor.

Although your priorities for your wedding may be more focused on the ceremony, your dress, and the flowers, the focus of your guests is likely going to be on food and entertainment. And since even the best performance can be ruined by hunger, finding an excellent caterer should be high on your to-do list when planning your event. To be a great wedding caterer takes more than simply providing delicious food, so while you’re searching for the best vendor for your big day, consider asking the below questions to make sure that you find the right fit. 

questions to ask your wedding caterer, what you need to know before hiring a wedding caterer
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- Have you catered an event at this venue before?

An answer of no doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, but it can be reassuring to know the staff will be familiar with the space and the kitchen. 

- How do you do tastings?

The vast majority of caterers will be able to provide a tasting before you book and settle on a wedding menu, but the logistics can vary, such as scheduling, pricing, and more. 

- How are dietary restrictions handled?

Even if you think there is no one in your group of friends and family with a major dietary restriction, there are always plus ones to consider. Not to mention that new allergies and intolerances can develop, and there’s always a chance that a loved one will become vegetarian or vegan during a yearlong engagement period. You’ll want to make sure there’s a tasty option for everyone!

- What serving style do you recommend?

Different businesses may be more suited for buffet style or table service. If you have a preference, it’s best to figure it out beforehand. Keep in mind that recommendations may depend on your approximate guest count. 

- What are your portion sizes?

This applies to your cake baker as well, but you may find that your definition of portions doesn't quite match up with that of your caterer, which may lead to necessary adjustments. 

For more advice, read must-have rules for your wedding menu and find out if a buffet or sit-down service is right for you.

Authored by: Emily Lasnier