Why You Need to Purchase Wedding Insurance

Protect your event with an insurance policy to cover unavoidable disasters.

why you should buy wedding insurance

Any Friends fan remembers Phoebe’s (Lisa Kudrow) wedding to Mike (Paul Rudd). They had a traditional event planned when a snowstorm hit – suddenly the officiant, the caterer, and the florist all could not travel to make it to the big day. While Phoebe was still able to have a lovely, intimate ceremony, in part thanks to Joey (Matt LeBlanc) already being ordained on the Internet, she and Mike still may have lost their deposits. Other couples in their situation in real life likely would not be so lucky to be able to have the wedding continue, especially if important guests were not able to make it. Luckily, there is a way brides and grooms can protect themselves: purchasing a wedding insurance policy.

Even if you’ve already signed contracts and paid deposits, you can still take out a policy so you don’t miss out on coverage if disaster strikes. If you’re considering wedding insurance, be sure to check to see if your venue or other vendors have their own insurance policies so you don’t have an unnecessary overlap in coverage. As with all insurance plans, policy prices vary but they average around a few hundred dollars and can save you tens of thousands if the unthinkable were to happen. Just like vendor contracts, be sure to read your policy carefully. While policies won’t cover certain instances, such as if the wedding is cancelled due to a relationship ending, there are still a number of occurrences that are covered, including, but not limited to, the following:

- Vendor no-shows, bankruptcy, or business closures.
- Extreme weather conditions such as an ice storm, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. (Normal rain is not covered.)
- Special attire such as wedding dresses or tuxedos getting damaged or lost.
- Photos lost due to photographer error or unforeseeable damage, such as a ruined hard drive.
- Unexpected job relocation or military deployment.
- Illness or sudden death of anyone essential to the wedding.
- Damaged or stolen gifts.

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Opening photo by David Wittig and Nancy Beale

Authored by: Emily Lasnier