6 Top Trends for Honeymoons in 2017

Find out what newlyweds are doing differently.

6 Top Trends for Honeymoons in 2017

Photo: Brian Leahy Photography

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Although there are certainly common honeymoon destinations – couples featured in the pages of Inside Weddings and on InsideWeddings.com seem to especially love Italy – it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all vacation. Newlyweds have to agree on what they’re looking for in a trip: relaxation, adventure, experiencing new culture, or perhaps a combination of all of these aspects. Just as weddings are becoming more unique with personal touches specific to the lovebirds, we have also seen a growing trend towards different kinds of honeymoons – and not just unusual destinations. 

With the work-dominated culture of the United States, not every couple can spare two full weeks off for their honeymoon, which is where the mini-moon comes in. A shorter trip – usually just a few days – gives the newlyweds some time to soak up their new relationship status. This ties in to another couple of trends: road trips and cruises. Though both can certainly be methods for a longer vacation, a short cruise or road trip is conducive to a brief few days to unwind after the wedding. Similarly, keeping to a domestic vacation will help in this regard. There are definitely plenty of beautiful locations to choose from!

Another response to the problem of vacation time, one that is often – but not always – paired with a mini-moon, is having a delayed honeymoon months after the wedding, which gives the couple time to replenish their paid time off and bank accounts. Putting off the trip can also lessen stress. Planning a wedding takes up a lot of time and energy, and coordinating a long vacation at the same time can be tricky – not to mention the packing it entails!

Honeymoons are supposed to be a time of romance and seclusion, but since many couples have already vacationed together by the time they get married, for some, it can lose a bit of the mystique. This is why more couples are following the path set by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux and inviting friends along on the trip. Newlyweds hosting destination weddings are more likely to take part in this idea, since their loved ones are already there! If spending your whole honeymoon in a group doesn’t seem appealing, consider traveling with friends who got married within a month of you and your spouse. You can enjoy separate time, but still have people to hang out with if you want more company. 

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