Why You and Your Partner Should Consider an "Earlymoon"

Think about taking a well-deserved vacation prior to your nuptials.

Why You and Your Partner Should Consider an "Earlymoon"

Photo: Jana Williams Photography

It’s common knowledge that planning a wedding can get a little stressful. With all of the appointments, venue tours, and tastings – not to mention all of the research and budgeting you need to do at home – the process can become overwhelming. While we at Inside Weddings emphasize the importance of staying on top of your to-do list and remaining organized throughout your engagement, it’s also paramount that you focus on your mental health.

Coordinating your nuptials is just one aspect of your busy life, on top of work, school, and other day-to-day activities you must maintain. The combined stress of it all is exactly why many couples look forward to the fun party atmosphere of their reception and a relaxing honeymoon – ways to celebrate their hard work. However, some brides and grooms have decided that reaching the wedding day shouldn’t be the end goal for easing the pressure; that is why certain pairs take “earlymoons.”

Just as it sounds, taking an “earlymoon” simply means taking a vacation with your partner before the special day – the trip is some amalgamation of a bachelor/bachelorette party and a honeymoon. Celebrity couples, such as Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, have embraced this trend by jetting off to faraway places mere weeks before their “I dos.” In the case of the British socialite, she and her now-husband went to St. Barths in early May; however, an “earlymoon” can be as extravagant or as low-key as you desire. Simply planning a stay-cation at a local hotel or rented home for the weekend might suit you and your sweetheart. The purpose of the trip is to reconnect and refocus your energies, reminding you both why you’re marrying one another.

If you’re more of an adventurous couple, this may be the perfect opportunity to complete some daring activities, such as skydiving or river rafting, as a way to channel nervous energy. If you only want a few days of peace and quiet, why not consider a rejuvenating spa weekend with plenty of well-deserved naps? Just like a honeymoon, you should edit the vacation to include exactly what you know you and your spouse-to-be need.

One of the most important caveats to this travel option: it’s best to go during a “lull” in wedding planning. Some advise you pencil in an “earlymoon” right before formal invitations are sent out, as once guests begin to receive them, you’ll be dealing with calls, questions, and RSVPs. If you’re a meticulous planner and you know all of the important details will be in place two to three weeks ahead of time, perhaps a quick weekend away just before your special day would be best. Make sure the lines of communication aren’t completely shut down between you and your vendors, but be sure to leave your phone and computer during your trip for some quality time with your beloved. This might be the break you both need to help you finish the process strong and further solidify the bond with the love of your life before you walk down the aisle!

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Opening photo by Jana Williams Photography