9 Grooming Tips for the Groom to Prep for the Wedding

How to make sure the groom is looking his best on the wedding day.

There’s plenty of information about what brides can do to look their best on their wedding day, but that doesn’t mean grooms get to just sit back and relax! Considering that the vast majority of grooms won’t be getting their hair and makeup done, in actuality they should probably do more to make sure they are naturally their best self by the time they wake up on the big day. Low-maintenance men need not fret too much though; the following tips are fairly simple ways for a groom to look clean, fresh-faced, and well… groomed! Follow these steps to guarantee a handsome and masculine look for the wedding. 

grooming tips for the groom before the wedding 
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- Wash your face daily once you become engaged, and with a proper cleanser. Consider exfoliating once a week as well, and always moisturize. For best results, schedule an appointment for a facial about two weeks before the ceremony.
- Drink water consistently; it’s good for you, and it keeps your skin healthy.
- Don’t try any new products right before the wedding since they may cause irritation or other bad reactions.
- If you’ll be clean-shaven, go to a professional for a great shave with a straight razor.
- If you’ll be sporting facial hair, have it trimmed professionally and invest in beard oil for longer growth.
- Get a manicure a few days before – you don’t even need to use clear polish, but properly trimmed, filed, and buffed nails along with repaired cuticles will do wonders. Remember people will want to see your new wedding ring as well!
- Have your teeth whitened for the photos, but consult your dentist if you’re prone to sensitivity.
- Get your hair cut a week before the wedding. If you want to try out new styles, do this in the preceding months just in case something goes wrong. However, it’s best to stick with a classic cut, rather than a trendy look that will appear dated in the future.
- If you don’t already have a workout routine in place, now’s the time to start! Even if you’re not worried about losing weight, it’s always great to get in better shape and consistent exercise will give you more energy.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier