How to Make Your Wedding Guests Comfortable

Keep everyone happy by providing a few extra items.

how to make your wedding guests comfortable
Your wedding is about honoring your love with your new spouse, as well as providing your family and friends the opportunity to celebrate that love. However, as with any event, it’s also important to be a good host. That’s why open bars and full dinners are considered de rigueur for wedding receptions.

Depending on the kind of celebration you have, it may be beneficial to include other elements to increase the comfort level of your guests. While such details may not be required, they are certainly not to be forgotten, unlike some smaller décor details you might spend the most time stressing out about. Naturally, alfresco ceremonies are the most likely to be helped out by a few extra conveniences, but as you’ll see on our list below, just about every wedding experience can be improved with a few simple touches.

Here is what you might want to consider providing for your nearest and dearest:

- Parasols to block the sun.
- Umbrellas in case it rains.
- Fans to keep everyone cool in hot weather.
- Welcome bags including snacks, water, and hangover cures.
- Sunscreen – especially for any children.
- Sunglasses if your ceremony is right before sunset.
- Bug spray, depending on your venue location.
- Blankets/pashminas in case of windy or chilly weather.
- Flip-flops, so that everyone can dance comfortably at your reception.
- Transportation to keep guests from having to, or failing to, designate a driver or drive through an unfamiliar city.
- Baskets in the venue restrooms providing such toiletries as deodorant, mouthwash, feminine hygiene products, combs, hairspray, bobby pins, floss, or safety pins.

Find out what else to put in your wedding welcome bags, as well as which favors your guests secretly hate. Have more ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Opening photo by Braedon Photography; Consulting by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

Authored by: Emily Lasnier