What's the Best Manicure to Show Off Your Engagement Ring?

The right color can make your sparkler pop!

With the growing importance of the “ring selfie” in today’s social media age, many women who suspect a proposal is coming are vigilant with their manicures. Then again, if you did not pick out your ring, you may risk clashing with the color or tone.

Given that you probably want to call important loved ones to share the news before you post an Instagram, then it may be better to get your nails done after the fact. Once you have your ring, you can choose the best shade of nail polish to show it off. There are typically two ways to go about this: matching the tone or complementing your ring. For example, if you have a gemstone ring ­– let’s say a sapphire – you can either pair it with a bright blue nail polish or complementary color. Hint: check out a color wheel and pick out a shade that’s opposite of your gem’s hue.

Bride with pretty engagement ring and manicure nails
Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios

On the other hand, if you have a ring showcasing a diamond or another white stone, it’s the metal of the ring you’ll want to keep in mind instead. With a fashion-forward rose gold ring, classic red will help the pink tone pop on your ring finger, while a deep cerulean provides a strong contrast. For a solitaire stone, nude shades will help the diamond stand out even more. Neutral hues are also a great choice for white gold or platinum settings, although dark shades in cool colors such as navy blue, forest green, and violet make for a modern look with a subtle edge. For a traditional yellow gold ring, demure blush polish leans into the mid-century style. For a trendier look, warm pastels are a chic choice for spring and summer months. As the weather cools, try a rich burgundy for an opulent appearance. Halo rings are having their moment, and a metallic shade amps up the glam factor; however, trendy matte polish will make the ring shine even brighter in comparison.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier