Responsibilities for the Groom When Wedding Planning

What he needs to do besides show up on time for the ceremony.

With all the talk of weddings being “the bride’s day,” grooms are often under the false impression that all they have to do is show up. In actuality, it’s really best if they are involved as much as possible, both to support the bride and to make the big day about two people joining together – not one person’s party.

groom at wedding in the south groom's wedding responsibilities
Photo by Eric Kelley; Planning & Design by Kelli Corn Weddings & Events

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and is hard work, therefore it’s unfair to heap all of that responsibility on the bride. Of course, hiring a professional coordinator can do a lot to alleviate the pressure, but it’s still a nice gesture for the groom to be involved. While not all men can be expected to have strong opinions on stationery, finding a few aspects of the day to care about can make a big difference. Grooms most commonly show interest in the food and entertainment; however, if your groom just wanted to go to city hall and is doing a big wedding for your sake, below are the minimum requirements for groom involvement. 

- Help with the guest list.
- Assist in organizing and creating the budget, unless parents are paying for everything.
- Choose a best man and groomsmen, if applicable.
- Select wedding attire for himself and groomsmen.
- Get his travel documents for the honeymoon.
- Traditionally, the groom was in charge of planning and paying for the honeymoon; however, nowadays couples often choose to do this together.
- Purchase the bride’s wedding band, and give both rings to the best man for the ceremony.
- Transportation for the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception, if applicable.
- Make decisions and offer opinions when asked by the bride.
- If following tradition, the groom’s family will host the rehearsal dinner, which means he should help pick the location and send out invitations.
- Pick out and give gifts to the groomsmen.
- Offer a simple toast to express gratitude at the reception.
- Assist the bride with thank-you notes. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier