Your Ring Bearer Gift Guide: Presents He Will Love

Wondering what to give the little man? We have ideas!

Your Ring Bearer Gift Guide: Presents He Will Love

Photo: Tine Hoffman for TM Photography

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As it has become customary to bestow gifts upon your bridal party, there is a large amount of information on presents for bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents of the happy couple, and even flower girls. Oftentimes, items are even marketed for this specific purpose, rather than as a gift you would give to a friend or family member on a birthday or holiday. However, there seem to be fewer inspiration boards regarding gifts for the ring bearer. Whether it’s the assumption that little boys don’t care as much about the wedding day or because it’s harder for a bride to imagine what a young boy would want to receive, brides everywhere are struggling to figure out what to give the keeper of the rings.

To help, we've come up with a gift guide for your precious ring bearer that will help him feel important and remember the big day. Use this as inspiration – if none of the items seem like the perfect choice for your little guy, it might cause you to think of the right gift.

- If the ring bearer is four years old or younger, he probably has very little sentiment attached to the occasion. An age-appropriate toy will suffice – ask his parents about his interests! The most popular children’s movies or shows are usually a good place to start.
- For the T-ball playing, budding sports enthusiast, a miniature baseball bat with an engraving commemorating his duties makes for a cool room display.
- A personalized piggy bank or a safe is symbolic, as he kept your rings safe (even if they were decoy rings). Be sure to include some change with it – kids love to have their own money.
- Coloring or activity books have the added benefit of keeping your ring bearer occupied at the ceremony after his job is done.
- While a ring bearer-themed T-shirt will make him feel special, it may not count as a gift due to the lack of reuse value. Save it for the pre-wedding events!
- A backpack filled with toys is also a gift for the parents, who likely bought his outfit for the big day, if the backpack can also be used for school.
- There are children’s books available about being a ring bearer, which could be an ideal keepsake. Just be sure to pick one that matches the child’s reading level.

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Opening photo by Tine Hoffman for TM Photography