Popular Father-Daughter Dance Songs from Real Weddings

See the touching father-daughter dance songs selected by brides from 2016 real weddings!

Popular Father-Daughter Dance Songs from Real Weddings

Photo: Carasco Photography

African American bride and father of bride father daughter dance

Walking down the aisle may be what it’s all about, but the father-daughter dance is an important moment for many brides. For younger women, it represents the transition into adulthood and her new married life. For others, it might bring you back to childhood and perhaps even special father-daughter moments. Selecting a song for this situation can be difficult, whether it’s because you and your father have different tastes or if you simply struggle to find the right tune that represents the relationship. We combed through the real weddings featured in Inside Weddings issues of 2016 in order to find the 30 most popular songs used for the father-daughter dance. There are some classic choices, of course, but you may also get ideas you haven’t thought of. Most notable is the fact that not one, but three versions of “The Way You Look Tonight” made the cut. Let that be a lesson – if there’s a song you and your dad love, but you personally feel is overdone, see if there’s a cover available. 

Opening photo by Carasco Photography

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