From across a busy shopping mall, Shahram Delijani first spied the woman of his dreams. Their eyes locked for a moment, or so he thought. When he ran into this beautiful girl a year later during a small gathering of friends, he decided not to let the moment pass him by once more. Unfortunately, after introducing himself to Sara Bayat and recapping their encounter, she admitted that she hadn’t seen him at all. “Our moment was just my imagination, as it was before her eye surgery,” Shahram laughs. “At that distance, I was no more than a fuzzy blob.”

After becoming an item, Shahram knew very early on that he wanted to spend his life with Sara, and the young man set out to find the perfect ring. Seeking perfection, Shahram had little luck for several months, so his sister and niece offered to attend a jewelry convention in Miami to assist in the search. They found success with the very last vendor they visited, and purchased a stunning emerald-cut sparkler after Shahram viewed a photo and instantly felt it was “the one.”

Just a week later, while attending a party for Sara’s best friend, the couple coincidentally ran into the jeweler from which Shahram had bought the band. “I had to decide whether to tell Sara or wait for the planned proposal,” notes the groom. He ended up confessing to her and revealing a picture of the piece. To his surprise, she disclosed that she already knew the jeweler through her best friend, whom had showed her a number of rings throughout their friendship. “The ring I chose for her was the only one Sara loved” exclaims Shahram. She was unaware that her beau was even in the market for an engagement ring when her friend shared the news of its purchase by two ladies at the Miami convention; however, she was overjoyed to learn that her beloved was behind it all.

Following a delightful year-long engagement, 200 guests gathered in the garden of a posh Bel-Air venue awaiting the arrival of the bride. Loved ones found their seats atop translucent-backed chairs. Sara entered the lush space in a form-fitting sweetheart gown overlaid with a chic, long-sleeved bolero with illusion detailing. The couple said their vows underneath a floral arch brimming with snowy blooms, which complemented the alabaster aisle lined with lanterns as well as the swans resting in the pond nearby. Upon their first kiss as husband and wife, the newlyweds walked back through the courtyard hand-in-hand.

“We didn’t plan around a specific theme,” explains Sara. Adds her groom, “The most important aspect of the celebration was that our guests felt comfortable.” Attendees received the royal treatment, finding their seats for the reception from grand mirrors inscribed with graceful calligraphy. King’s tables displayed either crisp white linens or a mirror top while each setting featured delicate chargers with lace designs. Tablescapes were topped with grand centerpieces or long floral runners spilling over with ivory blossoms. Floral chandeliers were suspended from above, giving the space a touch of greenery amongst the soft blush light that bathed the tent.

After dinner, friends and family moved into the ballroom for the after-party. Lounge vignettes with plush sofas and settees surrounded the dance floor, giving revelers a sophisticated place to rest from an evening of lively dancing. “Long celebrations tend to become stale if you don’t change the energy,” assures the groom of the multiple locations of the wedding. “Utilizing separate venues with distinct, but complementary, aesthetics was the perfect solution.” Basking in the warmth of the love and support from their friends and family, the happy couple notes that they wouldn’t have done anything differently. “Sara has impeccable taste. She absolutely brought everything together in every way – it was truly perfect!” smiles Shahram.